Dearest Cameron,

You were the perfect son. No parents could have asked for more. Born in perfect health, you were a bright and joyous baby. You blossomed into a remarkable child. You were one with nature — always showing us pretty flowers, unusual clouds, funny-looking reptiles, melodious birds… and always drawn to water. You loved the sight of a sunny day with a pale moon still in the sky. You were the kid that other kids admired. You invented games and organized activities. You had the coolest ideas and the coolest bedroom. Your jokes were always funny. From an early age, you were a "girl-magnet." Pretty young girls followed you around, teased you and called you up — and you loved every minute of it.

Cameron Gallion - Thanksgiving Day 2001

Cameron Merrill Gallion
Amelia Island, Florida ~ Thanksgiving Day 2001

This website is dedicated to
the memory, courage and legacy of
Cameron Merrill Gallion —
an extraordinary human being.

<> My Soul Mate
<> My Best Friend
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{ August 31, 1987 - February 26, 2002 }

This letter, at left, was written for
Cameron's Memorial Service - March 2, 2002,
held at St. Peter's Episcopal Church,
Fernandina Beach, Florida.

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You were a trendsetter, wearing surfer clothes in a land-locked Georgia town. With your huge appetite for the newness of life, you succeeded at everything you tried. You had guts with an edge of caution. You did some daring jumps on bikes and skateboards, but you always wore a cool helmet. You could fly across the lake on a kneeboard, pull fishes out of the waters, and swim like a flash of sunlight while others watched in wonder. You were a natural on the drums, filling our lives with music. You were a people person. You will always be a never-ending song.

For the last year and a half of your life, you were faced with a formidable challenge. You turned a devastating illness into an epiphany. God spoke to you and you listened. You told us to "pray, pray, pray, pray, pray." You spoke about the power of love and hope. You wrote: "Don't let the sadness get in the way of your everyday lives." You laughed and joked in the face of fear and pain, rarely missing a single day of smiling. Your strength was astounding, and you later expressed it in words: "I walk in the shadow of death. But nothing is too strong for me. I grab him by the neck and bring him to the floor."

Doctors called you "phenomenal," nurses said they saw light surrounding you — you took their breath away. Clergy people came to help you, but they walked away in awe. They said you were a teacher. You learned to know the human body inside and out. You tuned into the very core of your being and followed every beam of light that felt right to you. From this we learned countless lessons. You told us that your journey would be a jigsaw puzzle — that some pieces would be easy, like the corners and outside edges. You said we would fill in the harder parts, piece by piece, in amazing ways… until we reached the center of the puzzle — the center being YOU.

We never told you, but you probably somehow knew: Doctors said you had a zero percent chance of survival. Yet you lived life richly for fifteen months beyond their predictions…, and, Cameron, during that time you changed people's lives profoundly. Thousands of messages reached us and they're still pouring in. There are parents who hug their children harder and more often now; adults who remind themselves to brush off petty worries and focus on the big picture; teenagers who say thank you to God, and who draw strength from your inspiration to overcome fear and depression; kids who will forever look up to you; countless people who appreciate the moment and live life to the fullest — they all tell us it's because of YOU.

When you were reading some of those heartfelt messages, you told us that they kept you going and you never wanted to let those people down. We knew that you were simply getting back the love you gave, the circle that started with you. Among the myriad revelations about you that came shining through was your constant concern for others. You worried about your friends and relatives. You laid your ego and self-pity aside, never wanting to be a burden. You teased us about our "marital status," as you liked to call it, but in deep seriousness, apologized for the all-consuming nature of your disease. You asked us not to ever let it tear us apart. We are here for you, Cameron, and the three of us are one. You always were and you always will be LIGHT.

You led us to the ocean, the saltwater in your blood. You surfed the waves, soaked up the sun, and marveled day after day over how much you loved your new home. The sights and sounds of the marshes, the birds, the palm trees, the streets, the buildings, the beaches, the dolphins, the tides and the sunsets — you cherished them all. Your eyes were as blue as the summer skies, your smile as wide as a rainbow. You told us you loved us every day. Our love will live for eternity. Oh, Cameron, our baby, we promise to honor your words:

"I exclaim to the world that I am here to stay each night and each day!"



Mom & Dad
Thank You God

Cameron Gallion
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